SEO is the key to success! And Tidio Mobile will help you in achieving that

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very useful thing for all website owners. Why? Because everyone wants to be high in Google Search results. The higher you are, the more probable is that a visitor will click on your link, not on your competitor's.

How do Google Search Results work? It's quite simple and complicated at the same time. Simple, because the general rule is so – Google robots crawl over the Internet, indexing websites and checking their content. They value (give pluses for) good, keywords-rich and unique texts and user experience optimization. And this is where the tricky part begins, because Google has its own criteria – e.g. clear code, canonicalization etc. (let's say – something that you cannot completely do a thing about if you are a website owner, not its developer). All Google guidelines are listed on Google Developers site ( and can be followed by any developer who wants to create a perfect-positioning site. There are also rules for creating perfect mobile websites. Well, at least – perfect for Google robots.

If you a site owner however, your actions are quite limited, if you cannot influence the website code, structure or URLs – because the are highly software/development technique-dependent.

So what CAN you do?

- You can create good, unique, frequently-updated and keyword-rich content.

- You can build additional sites around the one you are trying to position. So use social media, create a blog. Run a portal or vortal. And link to your website as often as you can.

- Use the long-tail SEO technique – so don't try to position your site for the most popular keywords. Try using also the less-popular phrases, that will – in general – make your site position much better in rankings.

- And finally: get a mobile-friendly website! As soon as possible.

The last point is the most important for us, because we work in the mobile industry. And it should be important for you, because it gives the largest bonuses. And it's highly probable, that you still don't have one (71% of websites are not mobile friendly), if you are still looking for reasons to have one.So let's focus on this, because we can help each other. You can join our family of successful mobile websites owners and we will create you a great site.

But back to mobile SEO. The Google has its requirements towards good mobile-friendly sites. So it prefers sites created in RWD (Responsive Web Design) technology, because they basically have the same URLs, so no additional redirections are needed. In addition this technology allows to use the same content as on the desktop version, with small CSS (how it all looks on displays) modifications. So the perfect situation would be you creating a mobile site from scratch. It costs much for the RWD as a quite new technology, but progress costs, doesn't it?

Well, it doesn't have to. You can always adopt Tidio Mobile solution in your company, which has all of RWD benefits but without it flaws. So our service can be applied to all websites (except for Flash), also existing ones (RWD can be used only when building a completely new site). You can also build a mobile-friendly version of any layout. Even quite complex (RWD deals with fairly simple layouts only). You can also use the same domain, URLs and content. And all this at a really low cost – either free, if you do this on your own, or for a small design fee, if you choose us to do this for you.

So you gain all of the SEO benefits that Google grants to RWD sites at a very competitive price. So don't wait any more and start to build your Google Search Results rank with a mobile website. You really need one. Even Google confirms that.


Google is more and more demanding when it comes to building a mobile network

Google is tired of the web-mobilization process going too slow. In June Webmaster Central Blog has published a memo, informing about new mobile-promotion policy and little birds are singing, that enforcing process for this policy has started recently and General Motors website ranking suffered a bit. And few additional large and well-know, but still not too mobile-friendly or with multiple errors in the mobile version.

Why this is important? Because it's adapt or die now. If your website does not comply with Google standards, you will suffer a rank drop. Severe or not. Depends on a number of issues Google robots find on your website. From wrong domain redirections, 404 on subpages to movie clips that don't play correctly. It's all very bad for business, but when Google penalizes it once again – all too bad.

When we were designing Tidio Mobile editor, we tried our best to solve all problems that other online editors/converted experienced (and still experience). So, for example, we don't use any internal or external redirections – no m. prefixes nor .mobi domains – so there is no risk of invalid redirections. We also take special care for 404 and other not mobile-friendly content. So there are no 404 for mobile version. Even if you forget to create a template for a particular subpage, its desktop version will be displayed in the worst scenario. And not mobile-friendly content – if something cannot be played or displayed on mobile devices, it will not be transferred to the editor. So it's really simple even for those visitors, who don't have too much experience in developing mobile websites.

As for us – it's a really great news, because many people still ask us about the importance of having a mobile website. Well, Google has been stressing this out for some time. We are also trying to convince site owners, that this is really important. Policy changes and introducing search algorithms promoting mobile-friendly sites may look quite forceful way of building a mobile network. But maybe they will speed up the process, that's very important for all of us – both customers and entrepreneurs. Both companies and their clients. So we can all quickly adapt to a new situation.

Like we had to in the late 90s and at the beginning of the XXI century.

Quickly growing www network was a great channel for marketing pioneers. Now you just don't exist anymore, if you are not online. We all need a consciousness-shift as we needed it a decade earlier. As history teaches us, it sometimes needs to be forced. So I'm a moderate optimist about it, quietly wishing Google to achieve this goal – showing how good mobile websites are important in the Internet.


Are you ready for the upcoming mobile Christmas 2013?

Deloitte has just released its newest prognosis of UK ecommerce market for an entire 2013 and it’s getting really interesting. A clear sales increasing trend can be easily noticed – with each passing year a market share for mobile devices is larger in terms of direct buying.

There is also second very interesting motion in the online shopping business – mobiles influencing sales. Now it's not only people buying their Christmas gifts getting back home by tube, busy businessmen purchasing new set of shirts on a lunch break or housewives living in remote regions of the country. Financial crisis brought another phenomenon to life (not so popular in the passing years), where people go to stores with their mobiles, checking product prices and quality offline and then going online with phones and tables to compare prices with those offered in stores. If they like something in real life, but can buy it cheaper online, they usually choose this option. And it drives the sales like a charm.

It doesn't of course apply only to webstores. Other industries can benefit from the changing customs of their clients, that are more and more occupied with their work and rarely have time to sit down in front of a computer to look for something they are interested in. Like plumbing services, when their pipes are leaking. Or a Santa for their children. Mobiles are a game-changer here. Your website NEEDS to be mobile-friendly. It's like a necessity of having a website at all! And it's adapt or die, since when your potential client cannot see anything on one's phone display, you will surely loose one. If I were such a client, I would surely look further to find the one I could read about.

This was never taken under consideration when different agencies measured the mobile market. Until now. And this index shows how important the mobiles have become nowadays. Even when mobile websites don't sell directly, they convert leads into sales. Even if the entire purchase process is made on a desktop.

I'm sending this link to all clients that ask “Why do I need a mobile website?”. Sometimes we don't think about the big picture. These numbers teach of doing so.

So it's high time to prepare your websites for the upcoming winter holidays as the most busy time of the year. Even if the additional mobile-friendly website won't sell you for a million pounds, it can really build a market for your services. And when someone asks you, whether your website is ready for Christmas 2013, you will be able to calmly answer “yes”.


Brand new (and great!) feature for mobilizing webstores - "Products" plugin

Webstore owners are preparing for the best and most busy time of the
year. Since Christmas this year will be mobile in e-commerce, we
prepared something very special for all store owners. Many of clients
convert websites on their own. Our main goal is to make their life
much easier.

There are usually some issues to be fixed when converting a store –
the most important concerns lists of products and method of displaying
them in the mobile version. Tidio Mobile offers a very simple solution
- “Products” plugin. It allows to easily select all of the most
important product features displayed in a webstore (Title/Name, Photo
and price) and determine, how lists of products should be displayed.
It's just a few clicks and you can create plain and mobile-friendy
product listings!

With all the standard conversion features of Tidio Mobile and the
brand new plugin, making even the largest webstores mobile takes only
from a few minutes to a few hours.

You can watch our great video and learn, how the “Products” plugin
works. No excuses for going mobile this year, are there?

How to go Mobile with... YouTube

We would like to invite you to watch the first movie from our new series, “How to go Mobile with...”. We are planning to create something similar every few weeks to show you, how - by means of the Tidio mobile editor - you can easily convert even very large websites into mobile pages.

The first of many to come is YouTube! Effect? Check for yourselves!

And here's an effect of our 5-minute work, that you can test yourself:

If you want any other pages to be converted to a mobile site, just write them down in comments! See you all next time.