Are you ready for the upcoming mobile Christmas 2013?

Deloitte has just released its newest prognosis of UK ecommerce market for an entire 2013 and it’s getting really interesting. A clear sales increasing trend can be easily noticed – with each passing year a market share for mobile devices is larger in terms of direct buying.

There is also second very interesting motion in the online shopping business – mobiles influencing sales. Now it's not only people buying their Christmas gifts getting back home by tube, busy businessmen purchasing new set of shirts on a lunch break or housewives living in remote regions of the country. Financial crisis brought another phenomenon to life (not so popular in the passing years), where people go to stores with their mobiles, checking product prices and quality offline and then going online with phones and tables to compare prices with those offered in stores. If they like something in real life, but can buy it cheaper online, they usually choose this option. And it drives the sales like a charm.

It doesn't of course apply only to webstores. Other industries can benefit from the changing customs of their clients, that are more and more occupied with their work and rarely have time to sit down in front of a computer to look for something they are interested in. Like plumbing services, when their pipes are leaking. Or a Santa for their children. Mobiles are a game-changer here. Your website NEEDS to be mobile-friendly. It's like a necessity of having a website at all! And it's adapt or die, since when your potential client cannot see anything on one's phone display, you will surely loose one. If I were such a client, I would surely look further to find the one I could read about.

This was never taken under consideration when different agencies measured the mobile market. Until now. And this index shows how important the mobiles have become nowadays. Even when mobile websites don't sell directly, they convert leads into sales. Even if the entire purchase process is made on a desktop.

I'm sending this link to all clients that ask “Why do I need a mobile website?”. Sometimes we don't think about the big picture. These numbers teach of doing so.

So it's high time to prepare your websites for the upcoming winter holidays as the most busy time of the year. Even if the additional mobile-friendly website won't sell you for a million pounds, it can really build a market for your services. And when someone asks you, whether your website is ready for Christmas 2013, you will be able to calmly answer “yes”.


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