Brand new (and great!) feature for mobilizing webstores - "Products" plugin

Webstore owners are preparing for the best and most busy time of the
year. Since Christmas this year will be mobile in e-commerce, we
prepared something very special for all store owners. Many of clients
convert websites on their own. Our main goal is to make their life
much easier.

There are usually some issues to be fixed when converting a store –
the most important concerns lists of products and method of displaying
them in the mobile version. Tidio Mobile offers a very simple solution
- “Products” plugin. It allows to easily select all of the most
important product features displayed in a webstore (Title/Name, Photo
and price) and determine, how lists of products should be displayed.
It's just a few clicks and you can create plain and mobile-friendy
product listings!

With all the standard conversion features of Tidio Mobile and the
brand new plugin, making even the largest webstores mobile takes only
from a few minutes to a few hours.

You can watch our great video and learn, how the “Products” plugin
works. No excuses for going mobile this year, are there?

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