Google is more and more demanding when it comes to building a mobile network

Google is tired of the web-mobilization process going too slow. In June Webmaster Central Blog has published a memo, informing about new mobile-promotion policy and little birds are singing, that enforcing process for this policy has started recently and General Motors website ranking suffered a bit. And few additional large and well-know, but still not too mobile-friendly or with multiple errors in the mobile version.

Why this is important? Because it's adapt or die now. If your website does not comply with Google standards, you will suffer a rank drop. Severe or not. Depends on a number of issues Google robots find on your website. From wrong domain redirections, 404 on subpages to movie clips that don't play correctly. It's all very bad for business, but when Google penalizes it once again – all too bad.

When we were designing Tidio Mobile editor, we tried our best to solve all problems that other online editors/converted experienced (and still experience). So, for example, we don't use any internal or external redirections – no m. prefixes nor .mobi domains – so there is no risk of invalid redirections. We also take special care for 404 and other not mobile-friendly content. So there are no 404 for mobile version. Even if you forget to create a template for a particular subpage, its desktop version will be displayed in the worst scenario. And not mobile-friendly content – if something cannot be played or displayed on mobile devices, it will not be transferred to the editor. So it's really simple even for those visitors, who don't have too much experience in developing mobile websites.

As for us – it's a really great news, because many people still ask us about the importance of having a mobile website. Well, Google has been stressing this out for some time. We are also trying to convince site owners, that this is really important. Policy changes and introducing search algorithms promoting mobile-friendly sites may look quite forceful way of building a mobile network. But maybe they will speed up the process, that's very important for all of us – both customers and entrepreneurs. Both companies and their clients. So we can all quickly adapt to a new situation.

Like we had to in the late 90s and at the beginning of the XXI century.

Quickly growing www network was a great channel for marketing pioneers. Now you just don't exist anymore, if you are not online. We all need a consciousness-shift as we needed it a decade earlier. As history teaches us, it sometimes needs to be forced. So I'm a moderate optimist about it, quietly wishing Google to achieve this goal – showing how good mobile websites are important in the Internet.


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